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Giving back to the community is now more important than it ever was for the business world. Companies are starting to realize the vital role they play in the community they do business in. Harvard cases have pointed to not only the importance of CSR but the absolute necessity in order to compete in recruiting employees. Your business and coworkers can make a difference in South Florida that will have a lasting effect.

How can your business help?


Donate your time:​

Plan with your coworkers a day to give back to your community. Contact us for days and events that we will need a helping hand.

Donate resources:​

We are always looking for new or used computers for our ever growing cause. If your business has items that you would like to donate, please contact us.  

Donate money:​

Donations are always appreciated to keep the lights on, pay for events, and many more things. No amount is too little to make a difference. 



See the CSR movement

Take a look at the following video to see how Samsung is helping less fortunate. Employees and businesses are making a difference every day in their community. Be part of the movement and start the conversation in your business.



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