Our program goes beyond basic computer training. We provide a free, comprehensive, three-month course that includes computer application skills, workforce preparation, money sense, motivational/life, and soft skills.  We serve women and girls who live in homeless shelters, high-school dropouts, Seniors, Access benefits to work,  Skills upgrade, HIV-Aids, Disabled, or live in disadvantaged communities. Whether seeking computer skills, employment opportunities, self-confidence boosts, or GED preparation, women find a fresh start with us.

We actively engage with our community through meaningful programs and events. We host a yearly Mother's Day Breakfast for homeless and senior women, an Annual Spring Tea Party during Women's History Month, an End of the Year Holiday Event, and an Annual Toy and Gift Giveaway for children with incarcerated parents or those living in disadvantaged neighborhoods. 

Additionally, we conduct enriching workshops and a Summer Computer/Money Sense Camp for youth, fostering essential skills and knowledge. Through these initiatives, we aim to nurture and empower diverse individuals in our community, paving the way for a brighter, more hopeful future.